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Telehealth Solutions

Connecting medical professionals to patients anywhere they are.

Telehealth services are changing the way doctor's communicate with patients. This advancement in technology reduces time waste and increases revenue.

Smaller clinics and as well as countryside hospital sometimes have challenges in staffing specialty doctors that their patients need.

Another problem faced by these rural area hospitals is no-shows for appointments. For the patient, the long drive time often proves difficult during a busy day.

With our telehealth services patients can talk with an online physician no matter where they are.

The telehealth technology can be used to conduct inpatient consultations. This availability drastically decreases, or eliminates the rate of outgoing transfer or no shows for appointments.

We are ready to show you how telehealth can transform your hospital or clinic.

Telemedicine benefits for patients & professionals

The advancements in technology today has put the world at our fingertips. The healthcare industry has benefited greatly from these advances.

Now, a patient can talk to a specialized doctor on the other side of the world. Patient and doctor simply log into a portal and are connected in real-time via video conference.

What could this do for your hospital?

You may have noticed that patients who live far from your facility tend to cancel often. With a telehealth solution, this isn't an issue anymore.

The patient can login at their scheduled appointment time and attend as if they were there with you.

Telehealth is decreasing lost revenue by making it easier for patients to show up. No matter where they are, as long as they have the internet, they will be there.

Telehealth implementation costs

Implementing a telehealth solution in your hospital or practice is not nearly as expensive as the revenue lost to appointment cancellations or no-shows.

Integrating a solution like this into your daily operations means you have a reduced number of cancellations and an increase in billable time.

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How it works

When you starting using our telehealth system, getting started is simple.

Simply schedule the date and time of your appointment. The physician and patient log in to our secure, HIPPA Compliant portal and communicate live through video sharing.

This doesn't require any special equipment or advanced internet connections. Most computers today come equipped with a camera. If the patient doesn't have a computer, or the doctor is remote, you can connect with any device that has a wifi connection.

With our telehealth solution, you can also share screens, send files, and have patients e-sign required documents.

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